Hi, I’m Garett, Senior Project Manager for Greater American Roofing.

In 2017, I moved to Louisville Kentucky from Savannah to attend the University of Louisville Kentucky. Currently, I’m part of the US Army, Louisville National Guard, as well as a senior project manager at Greater American Roofing.

I chose to join Greater American Roofing because I saw its commitment to the customer, the positive team environment, and the results. I take my job seriously and it’s my promise to you to utilize my experience, and expertise to exceed all your expectations. My goal is to provide your project with a top-of-the-line, reliable and beautiful roofing system.
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Garret is a great guy and was outstandingly polite and got my insurance to pay for things that I didn’t know they would cover. The installation went awesome and I’m thrilled that they were also able to get me all the bells and whistles on the roof!

Johnny Merck

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